The amount at which a bond is set is based on several variables. Although there are some regulations in place in each state regarding bonds, ultimately it is up to the judge. Bonds are as individual as the suspect. They vary based on both the offender and the offense and are made to ensure that the suspect in question must return to court for a hearing.

The Criminal Offense

The criminal record of the suspect will affect the bond. A repeat offender or the offender of a serious or high profile case will have their bond set at a much higher rate than a first-time offender. If the suspect is thought to possibly pose a threat to the general public or a witness if freed before trial, this could also raise the bail, making it far less likely that they would be able to get out and commit further crime.

Offender Status

The financial situation of the suspect in question also plays a large factor in how high the bond is set. Whether they are employed or in good financial standing and have the means to post bail will determine if the bail is high. If that is not the case, either a 24-hour Bail Bonds Alpharetta or family members are permitted to provide the services necessary.

Bail Bonds Save Money

There are extra fees involved with using bail bonds services, however. They will be able to free the offender quickly, as they have outstanding agreements with the court systems that allow them to post bails. However, the suspect will be required to pay up to 15% back to the Bail Bonds Atlanta. In the long run, these fees can add up quickly, especially when dealing with very large bond amounts.

Even before proven guilty in court, getting arrested will cause consequences. Staying out of trouble with the law, with your finances, and with the community will ensure that if you ever encounter a situation in which bonds are involved, they will be able to make sure that the offender is freed from detainment while the case is pending in court.


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